This page is dedicated to all veterans who were born, grew up or lived in Bethel, Delaware


When I was growing up in Bethel, there was a display case in front of the Bethel United Methodist Church. This display contained the names of veterans from Bethel through WWII. As a young boy this list of names didn't really mean much to me. After I returned to Bethel, after a hitch in the United States Navy, this list of names meant a great deal more to me; however, the display had been removed and no one seemed to know what had happened to it. I occassionally thought about this display over the years but it wasn't until a trip to New England in the summer of 1998 for a Navy reunion, that I stared thinking more about the list of names again. In many of the small towns in New England  there seemed to be a display of the veterans  in most town squares. I thought this web page would be a good place to once again show our appreciation to our Bethel veterans. I'm sure that in composing this list I have overlooked someone or have an error in the information. My apologies for that. If you know of someone who should be included in this list or a correction made, please let me know and I'll add the name or make the correction as soon as possible. 

Allen Earle R. USAAF 2ND LT   WWII  
Bailey  * Donald   USMC        
Baker         (photo) Alan D. USN PO2 (AG2) 9/17/64 - 10/11/69


Baker, Sr Donald Lee USMC        
Baker  *   (photo) Marshall D. USAAF PFC 4/42 - 9/45 WWII  
Baker * Ralph E. USA/DNG
Baker  * William A. USA     WWII  
Baker William M. USN PO3 (HM3)
11/07/67 - 11/05/71


Bell  * Robert Richard WWII
Burke Ronald   USA        
Callaway Michael S. USN HM 9/1/70 - 8/31/74 VIETNAM ERA  
Carter Harry   USAF        
Carter  * Walter S. USN AN      
Collins John Daniel L. USMC SGT   WWII  
Cordrey Harvey L. USA        
Cordrey James H. USAAF     WWII  
Cordrey William E. USN WT1   WW1  
Cubbage * Herman            
Davis   * Raymond            
Dean  * Lawrence            
Denninson  ** Richard   USA     VIETNAM  
Dykes  * Carlton   USA     WWI  
Ellegood  * George   USN        
Eskridge Glen   USAF        
Garrett William   USCG        
Hastings Rudolf   USA        
Hopkins * George H. USMC CPL   WWII  (Pacific)  
Hughes Lewis R. USN        
Joseph Arthur J. USA PFC   WWII  
Joseph William Henry USA SGT   KOREA  
Lankford *  (photo) Jim            
Littleton  * Garmond            
Markum Charles R. USA Bugler   WWI  
Mitchell Wayne   USA        
Moore, Jr. * Andrew   USA   5/19/44 - 1/4/46 WWII SILVER STAR
Moore * Samuel "Jim"   USA     WWII  
Pugh William C. USN CSP   WWII  
Palmer Lemuel A. USA     WWII  
Phillips Ura B. USA PVT   WWI  
Robinson Leroy   USMC CPL   WWII  
Rowe Richard            
Shiles George T. USN PO2 (BM2)   WWII  
Slatcher William         WWII  
Spence Brandon   USAF     IRAG/AFGAN WAR  
Spence, Jr.  * Nelson   USN     VIETNAM  
Spence Patrick   USN     IRAG/AFGAN WAR  
Styers Louron J. USA CWO Active Duty:1959-1981
Vietnam: 65/66;69/70;74/75
Todd Everett L.   TEC4   WWII  
Tracey * Milton L. USAF CPL   WWII  
Tyndall John W. USA SFC
West Jack   USAF     VIETNAM ERA  
Wheatley  * Charles S. USA PVT   WWI  
Wheatley  * James   USA        
Wheatley John   USA        
Wood  * Edwin E. USA CPL   KOREA  

**  Denotes Killed In Action

 *  Denotes Deceased


Anyone who would like to add additional information, make corrections,  or add additional  names, please contact me:

Alan D. Baker

3041 Tipperary Drive

Tallahassee, Florida  32309

or email:

Alan D. Baker


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